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Welcome to the CEP

The CEP is one of the leading independent healthcare behaviour-change partners in Canada. Our mission is to close the gap between evidence and practice.

CEP has a new CEO!

2024-2027 Strategic Plan Overview


Best Evidence. Best Practice. Best Care.


Helping primary care clinicians navigate the increasingly complex clinical environment.

Priority 1

Amplify the impact of CEP services on primary care providers, teams and the system.

Priority 2

Ensure organizational sustainability through strategic and innovative growth.

Priority 3

Continue building the best team by investing in our talent.

Our Values

  • Harness change, act with integrity

    We are agile and responsive to the needs of an evolving healthcare landscape and ground our work in best available evidence.

  • Champion creativity, innovate with purpose

    We champion creative thinking and innovation to achieve sustainable and impactful healthcare system solutions.

  • Partner thoughtfully, engage with intention

    We believe in the power of partnerships and the positive change that comes from meaningful collaboration with healthcare professionals, organizations and patients.

  • Empower each other, celebrate diversity

    We foster a culture of respect and mutual empowerment that encourages people to share their unique talents and perspectives.

Our commitment to diversity, accessibility, equity, inclusion and respect (DAEIR)

The CEP strives to be an organization which upholds the values diversity, accessibility, equity, inclusion and respect. Following the recent series of events in both Canada and other jurisdictions, we realized there was a need to examine our work to better serve equity deserving groups and achieve our organization mission and vision.

In the fall of 2021, we sought help from experts outside of the organization and engaged ParriagGroup to audit our tools, services, and internal human resources practices, with the intent to apply a Diversity, Accessibility, Equity, Inclusion, and Respect (DAEIR) framework to all our future endeavours. We recognize that we are at the beginning of unlearning and undoing practices that contribute to the oppression of marginalized groups. As we embark upon this journey, we are firmly committed to engaging in the ongoing conversations and relationships necessary to ensure that our work contributes to dismantling oppressive systems which unfairly penalize many of our fellow Canadians.

Our People

We collaborate with interprofessional clinicians, researchers, healthcare consumers and policy makers to develop and evaluate effective solutions that help clinicians build knowledge and develop skills that enhance high quality care delivery.

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Our History

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