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Jul 2024

AI Learning Centre


The CEP’s AI Learning Centre is designed to help clinicians understand how AI will impact their work and build confidence in using AI effectively and ethically in clinical practice. 

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About the tool

The opportunities for AI tools to transform primary care and reduce clinician burnout are immense. Tools for all areas primary care provision are available or in development, ranging from clinical workflow, diagnosis, management, treatment, and beyond. Amid the hype, private companies are rushing to sell solutions.

The aims of the CEP’s AI Learning Centre are to:

  • Provide trusted, practical information to help Ontario’s primary care clinicians make informed decisions about using AI in clinical practice.
  • Promote complementary resources and partner with other trusted organizations to align messaging and reduce noise in the system.
  • Monitor the space where AI meets primary care in Ontario, keeping clinicians updated with critical information and insights as they develop.
  • Fill information gaps, demystify concepts, and debunk misconceptions where possible.

Building off the success of the COVID-19 Resource Centre and its proven rapid knowledge translation approach, the AI Learning Centre will prioritize collaboration with external partners and experts to develop responsive, iterative guidance for primary care clinicians while reducing duplication and noise in the system.

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