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Apr 2024

Secure Messaging


Secure messaging in primary care allows for private and secure communication between patients and their providers. Use this resource to understand the many benefits of secure messaging and how to implement it within a clinical practice.



Secure Messaging

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About the tool

Secure messaging can enable one-way or two-way communication between patients and clinicians by exchanging messages in a private and secure manner that protects personal health information. The messages exchanged are text-based and can also contain attachments like documents, images, audio or video recordings. 

This resource is intended to help Ontario clinicians understand: 

  • How and when patient-to-clinician secure messaging can support clinical practice.
  • Whether implementation of secure messaging may be beneficial to your practice.

The Secure Messaging resource was developed using the most up-to-date academic literature in the field, relevant to the Ontario context. End users and clinical experts were also engaged to provide feedback.

This resource was developed by the Centre for Effective Practice in collaboration with Ontario Health with resources and guidance provided by OntarioMD and Ontario Medical Association (OMA).

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