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What happens during an academic detailing visit?

As a clinical pharmacist and academic detailer with the CEP, I wanted to share my personal experience providing academic detailing to Ontario family physicians. 

What I enjoy most about the visits is the opportunity to connect with people. During a detailing visit, I try to create a “safe space” where the family physician can share his/her questions, cases, and challenges with me. This helps me tailor the information and share resources, and helps us develop a relationship that grows over time. 

Because I’m coming in from outside their practice, physicians can share concerns that they might not feel comfortable mentioning to someone on their team. I’ve had some physicians say that for them it’s a welcome break to de-stress from their day. Some have even told me it’s like therapy! 

During a visit, we have a specific topic to focus on. Yet, each visit is completely unique. It’s fascinating to see how the same topic can be discussed in a hundred different ways, depending on the needs of the individual physician. 

’For example, within the topic of chronic pain, we might discuss options for patients who have “tried everything” for chronic pain: which medications are covered by ODB, how to get buy in from patients, troubleshooting a difficult opioid taper or rotation, and free local resources to support patients and physicians. There might be a broad discussion of many points or we may discuss one particular issue in depth.

Being an academic detailer is one of the most interesting and rewarding ways for me to use my skills as a pharmacist. It feels good to be able to connect a physician to a tool or resource that can really help in their practice, and to play a part in helping their patients live with chronic pain. 

I’d like to invite family physicians to give it a try! Visit the academic detailing page to learn more and sign up. 

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