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JULY 21, 2016

The Falls Prevention discussion guide is now available!

Falls Prevention Discussion Guide

Falls Prevention (Topic 2) of the academic detailing Service launched this month with a new discussion guide!

The new Falls Prevention Discussion Guide is designed to help long‐term care (LTC) providers assess risk and manage residents in LTC to prevent falls and the associated comorbidities.

The guide integrates best‐practice evidence, clinical experience, and makes reference to relevant existing tools and services where possible.

It emphasizes:

  1. Being resident centered;
  2. Being mindful of benefits, risks and safety concerns;
  3. Using an inter‐professional team approach and validated tools;
  4. Prescribing conservatively;

Reassessing regularly for opportunities to deprescribe medications that are no longer needed;

Individualizing any treatment decisions for the resident, with consideration for caregivers, family and LTC staff; and

The importance of enhancing resident mobility through restorative programs and activities that encourage healthy and safe mobility.

This guide is publically available online and will be provided to participating LTC homes via our academic detailers over the next few months. To view the guide please click here!

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