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FEBRUARY 21, 2017

Symposium on Academic Detailing: Where does it fit in provincial health care?

On February 14, 50 health care leaders joined us for a conversation about academic detailing and the role it can play within the suite of potential solutions to Ontario’s health care challenges.

Two of our board members, Hugh MacLeod and Dr. David Price, co-hosted the event and echoed points raised throughout the symposium. Health care leaders from other organizations also engaged in the discourse and raised their concerns about what we can do to improve Ontario’s health care system.

To start off the day, our executive director Tupper Bean took the stage and presented questions for the day. Dr. Michael Fischer from NaRCAD followed up with a keynote describing academic detailing and evidence-based medicine. By the end of the morning, Dr. Jamie Meuser and Dr. Trish Rawn gave an insightful demonstration about what takes place during an academic detailing visit.

In the afternoon, Dr. Melissa Christopher (United States) and Jane London (Australia) joined the group via videoconference to talk about their experiences and successes with academic detailing services. The day ended with an open discussion about where we can work together to help tackle our current health care system challenges.

The event was well received. 95.8 per cent of the event’s survey respondents agreed that academic detailing was shown as an effective vehicle for channeling and reinforcing change; 95.8 per cent also felt the clinical case for academic detailing was clearly presented; and 87.5 per cent thought that academic detailing could make a significant contribution to health system improvement in the province.

See PDFs of the presentations, symposium summary and look below for photos of the event.

NaRCAD has been a helpful resource in establishing the CEP’s academic detailing service. NaRCAD  encourages all of the symposium attendees to sign up here for their community network blasts, which provide information around academic detailing-related events, trainings and best practices in the field. Feel free to reach out to the NaRCAD team with specific inquiries around AD programming and partnerships.

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