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MARCH 2, 2019

Looking back: How a seemingly small idea can lead to a big impact

Over the past ten years, the CEP has gone through numerous transitions but one piece remained consistent: our goal to build an organization that supports providers in delivering the best care to their patients. With this goal in mind, we don’t focus on one type of intervention but explore options until we find the appropriate one with the biggest impact.

When I started here ten years ago, only three of us worked in a single office. Now, we have a much bigger team with a variety of skills and expertise. Current staff range from project managers and coordinators to pharmacists who are out in the field as academic detailers providing educational outreach to primary care providers.

The first time we received funding to pilot an academic detailing service in Ontario on the management of type 2 diabetes was 12 years ago. We knew based on the evidence from other jurisdictions that academic detailing had the ability to impact behaviour but it had not been used in Ontario before. We worked with the Ministry of Health to understand the potential of the intervention. I wouldn’t have imagined those conversations would later pave the way to the biggest academic detailing service for primary care in the province today.

Academic detailing is example of how we are not afraid to try interventions that have proven to work elsewhere. In the future, I envision CEP continuing to be entrepreneurial in identifying new interventions and ways to support primary care providers. I see us as the go to source for ongoing primary care engagement and a key source of support for providers that impacts outcomes in a positive way.

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In her current role at the Centre for Effective Practice (CEP), Lena has led major initiatives including communications and knowledge translation activities for healthcare professionals.

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