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SEPTEMBER 30, 2016

KT in PC in the works!

Our knowledge support services team is working on four major tools and resources as part of the Knowledge Translation in Primary Care initiative (in addition to creating a Poverty tool for each province/territory). Some of the upcoming tools and resources that were identified as priority primary care topic areas through our topic selection process include Adult Mental Health, Chronic Insomnia and Chronic Non-Cancer Pain.  To top that, we are also working on a Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) resource, which is intended to supplement latest processes according to the new legislation.

Medical Assistance in Dying resource

This summer, Bill C-14 became a law – it provides eligible adults access to medical assistance in dying. As part of its efforts to support physicians and nurse practitioners, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care engaged with us to develop a resource that helps clinicians better understand the process for the provision of MAID.

Adult Mental Health tool

One in five Canadian adults experience a mental health or addiction problem. We’re developing a tool to help primary care providers identify and act upon risks associated with signs, symptoms or behaviors that are suggestive of a mental health condition.

Chronic Insomnia tool

About half of primary care patients have had sleep complaints. We are working on developing a tool to help primary care providers manage adult patients living with chronic insomnia. We’re currently looking for provider feedback on this tool. If interested, click here.

Pharmacological and Non-Pharmacological Options for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain

One in five Canadians have reported chronic pain and one third of those have lost the ability to work because of it. We’re working on a tool that will focus on pharmacotherapy and non-pharmacotherapy options for managing chronic non-cancer pain. We’re also currently looking for provider feedback on this tool. If interested, click here.

Update: a Poverty tool for all provinces and territories

The launch of the Ontario Poverty tool was such a huge success that we’ve been customizing it for each province and territory. Throughout the year, we’ve been working with the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) and its provincial chapters to create versions of the tool for all provinces.

Visit TheWellhealth to learn more about our tools and to get involved!

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