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Ontario COVID-19 Assessment Centres

CEP's archived list of COVID-19 assessment centres across Ontario.

See Ontario's list of testing locations

To reduce the duplication of efforts, this page has been archived and will no longer be updated. Visit Ontario's COVID-19 testing locations for the latest information on assessment centres.

Final update: October 5, 2020

Through our dedication to providing the best available resources for providers, we created and actively updated this province-wide list of assessment centres that either tested for COVID-19 on site or referred patients with probable cases for testing (screening centres that do not test or refer for tests were not included).

Ontario COVID-19 assessment centres

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Ontarians concerned they may have COVID-19 should conduct the self-assessment, and/or call their healthcare provider, local health authority, or Telehealth first to have a preliminary assessment of symptoms, since they may risk exposure to the virus by visiting a centre. 

Patients prioritized for testing are individuals who are:

Symptomatic - have a flu-like illness: fever, cough, sore throat or respiratory symptoms (e.g. shortness of breath, trouble breathing), or show signs of atypical symptoms (particularly children, older adults and people living with a developmental disability). A list of additional symptoms is available from the Ministry of Health.

Asymptomatic - present no symptoms but:

- Have been in contact with a confirmed case within 14 days;

- Are in specific settings (facility transfers, hospital surgeries, long-term care and retirement homes, other congregate living settings and institutions, remote/isolated/rural/indigenous communities, workplaces and communities who had contact with a positive case. Residents or workers at specific outbreak sites may be instructed to get tested at the direction of public health);

- Are healthcare workers/caregivers/care providers/first responders/emergency child care centre workers and those living in same household;

- Are essential workers, cross-border workers and other priority populations; or

- Workers or students in schools (K-12, post-secondary) may be tested at the direction of their local public health unit. 

Over time, this list is expected to include broader population groups. Updates will be made based on the Ontario government’s latest testing guidelines.

The assessment centres listed can either test on site for COVID-19 or refer patients with probable cases for testing. Screening centres that do not test or refer for tests have not been included.

This page was part of the CEP’s COVID-19 Resource Centre. 

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