Heart Failure

Heart failure is one of the five leading causes of hospitalization and 30-day readmissions, and the most common cause of hospitalization for people over age 65. Appropriate care can improve a patient’s quality of life and help with symptom management.

E2P’s EMR-integrated Heart Failure tool for TELUS PS Suite, OSCAR Pro, and Accuro QHR supports primary care by giving them easier access to the information they need at the point of care.

Increased support for investigations into heart failure diagnosis: Evidence-based guidance to assist clinicians with identifying, tracking, and supporting at-risk patients.

Increased support for medication plan management: Easy access to information for clinicians to reference, with picklists to facilitate appropriate medication selection, built-in notification flags to have medication changed if the patient’s condition is worsening, and more.

Improved patient care planning & connection to self-management supports: The tool contains a patient and caregiver-facing printable component that clearly outlines the management approach and connects them to accessible resources and supports, both locally and virtually.

Heart Failure Assessment
Assessment module in Telus PS Suite
Medication module in OSCAR Pro

“This tool will help you to ensure that you are up to date with the way that this disease is identified, diagnosed, treated, and monitored. It’s going to make you much more confident about how well you’re managing this patient – and not just more confident, but I think more pleased with how you’re doing it.”


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Change Management Specialists

eHealth Centre of Excellence’s Change Management Specialists are available, free of charge, to enable the smooth adoption and effective utilization of the E2P Heart Failure tool.

  • Tailored coaching and support for primary care clinicians, allied health professionals and all clinic staff
  • Facilitated installation, set-up and tool training
  • Review of existing workflows to maximize efficiencies
Academic Detailing Service

The Centre for Effective Practice offers educational outreach using 1-on-1 visits between an academic detailer (clinical pharmacist) and a health care clinician, focused on delivering objective, balanced, evidence-informed information on best practices to optimize clinical care, tailored to the individual provider’s clinical practice.

Development Process

E2P heart failure tools were co-developed with cardiologists, primary care clinicians, individuals with lived experiences and implementation sites with user-centred design methodology and practice. End-users and clinical experts were also engaged to provide feedback.

Topic Expert Group

A warm thank you to the Topic Expert Group of acute and primary care clinicians, topic experts, and individuals with lived experience who supported the development of these tools and supports.

  • Brenda Albuquerque-Boutilier, Lived Experience Advisor
  • Jo-Ann Fernando, RN, MN, CNCC (C)
  • Greg Griffins, Lived Experience Advisor
  • Karen Harkness, RN PhD CCN (C) CHFN
  • Rahul Jain, MD, CCFP, MScCH (HPTE)
  • Pamela Lai, MD, CCFP
  • Robert McKelvie, MD, PhD, FRCPC
  • Stacey Milo, MScN, NP-PHC
  • Jeff Myers, MD, MSEd, CCFP(PC)
  • Leah Steinberg, MD, MA, FCFP
  • Douglas Wan, MD BSc, MSc, FRCPC CCDS

With support from:

  • Andrew Gentilin, RN(EC), MN-ACNP
  • Stephanie Poon, MD, MSc, FRCPC
  • Ilan Shahin MD-CM, MBA, CCFP